The brand DÁRIO MADEIRA was launched in 2017, but my relationship with footwear began in 1993, when I started working within the fur trade and footwear warehouses.

I was a footwear components and fur salesman all those years until 2009. On November 1st 2009 I had a stroke which left me bedridden in a hospital for months and with disabilities.

From then on I’ve been in the process of recovery with physical therapy, speech therapy, etc… but my will to overcome and recover has always been great and from then on I’ve wanted to achieve more.

With my will and unconditional support from my family, I’ve always fought to get a job and supports to restart my career after the stroke, but all my efforts have been futile.

That was when, in 2016, I applied to Ação Qualidade Vida 2016 from Associação Salvador to set up my own business and I was selected and supported by the same financing to start this project and the brand Dário Madeira.

This project is aimed at the luxury market, in women’s shoes and accessories, with high quality materials, combined with innovation, comfort and technology.

Along with this line, the idea was founded that with the sale of these shoes we would raise money with a shoe adapted for stroke survivors like me.

A shoe sensitive to the tendencies of the market, comfortable, adjusted and projected to the difficulties of a stroke survivor and to make them more independent and that way be able to wear a modern shoe and at the same time adapted to the disabilities of each survivor without help from a third party.
My main challenge for the future is to consolidate the brand in Portugal and expand to new territories; to create a collection thinking of women that adore shoes with the same passion; to create new models to help stroke victims and possibly victims of other ailments.

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